What is a Beer Desert?

You may have heard of a Food Desert, which is defined as “an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.” There may still be food available in a Food Desert, but none of it is healthy.

Similarly, a Beer Desert® is an area in which it is difficult to buy a nice craft brew draft in a positive, social atmosphere locally in one’s own community. Beer may still be available, but its only those mass marketed, major watered down brands.

Breweries today are viewed as pioneers since they tend to set up shop in up and coming or untested areas. In addition to the role craft breweries play in providing new investment, jobs, and social offerings, breweries often go into derelict, vacant buildings which have contributed to an area’s blight, which in turn breathe new life into them through adaptive reuse. Historic buildings, old department stores and other boxes, warehouses, churches, fire stations, train stations, and many other types of buildings have been retrofitted to accommodate new craft breweries.

Craft breweries are also often viewed by local government officials (elected and appointed) as positive economic development additions to their communities, rather than as a negative influence as most alcohol beverage establishments are viewed.

In many cases, alcoholic beverage establishments have historically been viewed by local governments as nuisances and as a potential cause of problems but conversely, craft breweries have become known as gathering places for members of the community and, unlike your typical bar or night club, some can even be family friendly. One of the most important assets in a community or neighborhood are its public gathering places; people want to interact with one another, and the inherent open-space layout of most craft breweries fosters an environment that encourages community activity and attracts additional revitalization.

Since most local regulations were written from the perspective that alcohol establishments are nuisances, it is important to understand the current regulatory environment to ensure that a craft brewery can operate efficiently and successfully.

At BusinessFlare®, we have a unique understanding of craft breweries from the perspective of local government, property owners, and breweries. We have experience working to attract breweries to downtowns, were involved in the creation of the first Brewery District in Florida, developed local craft brewery incentive programs, and helped pioneer the Craft Brewery Approach to Economic Development.

We have strategies to assist local governments, property owners, and craft brewers as this industry continues to grow.


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