North Miami Beach - One of the outcomes of the North Miami Beach Economic Development Implementation Plan was a recommendation to amend the land development regulations to better match market conditions. Kevin Crowder worked with the City’s planning department to present the concept to the City Council, and developed block by block and individual parcel analysis to determine whether investment and development was financially feasible. This analysis provided the RMA planning team with the guidance necesssary to identify the entitlement adjustments necessary to position the city to improve its market position and ensure the feasibility of new development.

Following approval of the zoning and implementation of the Redevelopment Agency incentives, over $280 million in real estate transactions occurred in the first 18 months, and over 1,000 residential units, 200 hotels rooms, and 200,000 square feet of commercial space was approved for development. This program led to the City leading Miami-Dade County with a year over year growth in taxable value of 17%.


Palm Bay - Mr Crowder prepared an economic development plan for Palm Bay’s bayfront area which included aesthetic improvements, recreational opportunities, public private partnerships for marina redevelopment, and zoning that matches market conditions and takes advantage of the natural environment and the views of the Indian River Lagoon. The city has adopted the zoning recommendations that were provided.


Cape Coral - In Cape Coral’s Bimini Basin, a revitalization plan was developed to specifically focus on attracting new mixed use and residential development to support Cape Coral’s downtown. The initiatives included adjustments to the land development regulations to ensure that the entitlements are sufficient to attract new investment while remaining compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. Design standards were also recommended as well as programs to streamline the development process.