Miami Beach - Mr. Crowder worked on the negotiation and management of the development agreements and lease agreements for two office buildings in Miami Beach, Lincoln Place and the Lincoln. These office buildings were constructed in response to an RFP issued by the City for parking solutions. Both buildings provided net new public parking in the congested Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue Corridors, and brought 230,000 square feet of much needed Class A office space to the City. These economic development projects helped attract new businesses to Miami Beach, including the corporate headquarters of LNR Property Corporation.

Additional public private partnerships that the team was involved in negotiating for the City of Miami Beach included Fifth and Alton, a 180,000 square foot vertical retail center. The purpose of this P3 was to attract a full-service Publix Supermarket to the neighborhood, as well as to take advantage of the opportunity to provide public parking at the entrance to the City. The city owns 580 of the 1,100 parking spaces in the project, and operates the facility as a public parking garage. This project also attracted a type of retail to the City that was previously unavailable, including Best Buy, Staples, TJ Maxx, Ross, Vitamin Shoppe, and Total Wine.

Mr. Crowder negotiated the development agreement on behalf of the City of Miami Beach which led to the development of the Sunset Harbor Garage, which includes 400 public parking spaces and approximately 25,000 square feet of retail. The creation of new parking within the Sunset Harbor neighborhood allowed the city to reduce the area’s parking requirement, which provided an incentive that jump started infill development in the neighborhood.


Town of Davie - The Town of Davie is one of the most unique towns in the State of Florida and prides itself on offering an authentic experience for residents and visitors with its Western themed architecture and Rodeo arena. For a long time, the downtown did not reach its potential, and although there were a few residential, retail, and gathering places that generated some activity in the area, the downtown was not a destination and was mostly overshadowed by the local university neighborhood and successful commercial corridors across town.

Kevin Crowder guided the Town through the process of assessing the market conditions, developing a solicitation, and selecting a developer. This included meeting with local stakeholders, meeting with developers, and educating the local officials about the project. A developer was selected to serve as the Town’s partner in the project.


Miami Shores - As RMA Economic Development Director, Kevin Crowder conducted an analysis of the feasibility for the Village of Miami Shores to enter into a public/private partnership for the purpose of developing a new Village Hall and Police Station, and also providing additional commercial space in the Downtown. The initiative included preparation of a market analysis, and evaluated three development scenarios. The analysis identified policy options that the Village should consider in order to enhance the opportunity to attract development interest and have a successful project. These included adjustments to the height limits fronting the downtown streets, increases in Floor Area Ratio, parking exemptions, allowing residential uses in the downtown, bridging the two structures over 100th Street, transferring ownership of one or all parcels to the private partner, annual rent payments, or capital contributions.