At BusinessFlare we have a full range of economic design services. Choose from one or more of our six primary service areas, and don't hesitate to ask or anything custom. Every project and client is unique and receives customized services.

And remember, don't think of us as consultants. We are unlike any consultant you have ever met. Think of us as partners, friend, and colleagues focused on helping your success.

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Service Areas

Area Plans - Plans that are focused on a specific geographic area, such as a corridor, a downtown, or a district. Examples include the Martin County Innovation Hub, the Doral Adaptive Reuse Area, and Bradenton’s 9th Avenue. Area plans should generally follow the full Project Management Process.

Program Plans - Plans for specific types of program, or discipline activities, such as CRA Plans, BID Plans, and Economic Development Plans. Examples include the Omni CRA plan update, the South Miami Business Improvement District Plan, and the Pembroke Park Economic Development Plan. Program plans should generally follow the full Project Management Process.

Implementation - Implementation are assignments in which we generally function as an extension of staff, or performing on-call services for clients under a retainer agreement. Examples include Dade City Finance Director Services, North Miami Redevelopment Services, and Homestead Economic Development. Implementation will only partly follow the Project Management Process, as some of the elements of it are optional and may not be required.

Private Investment - These are assignments where the client is a private entity that needs assistance securing incentives or entitlements from a governmental agency. This would include projects such as incentive applications, TIF projections, and economic impact analysis. Examples include the Overtown East and West Economic Impact Analysis, the International Swimming Hall of Fame Impact Analysis, and the Sunbeam Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis. These assignments will rarely follow the Project Management Process, other than proofreading and client sign-off.

Analytics - Analytics are just that, analysis assignments. These are any projects that are focused on providing analysis of some sort, and presenting our findings (and sometimes recommendations). This can include strategic finance plans, market analysis, and economic base studies. Examples include the Pinecrest Market Analysis, the TIF projections and finance plan for the North Miami CRA, and the Bradenton Economic Base report.

Assessments - Assessments are similar to analytics, but with a broader view. Assessments may include analytics, but also includes the evaluation of qualitative conditions, not just data. These projects take into account things like quality of life, aesthetics and community connections to develop recommendations for client success. Examples include the Covington Central Riverfront District and the City of Arcadia Community Assessment.

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The BusinessFlare Approach to analytics is focused on providing a Respectful Reality Check by understanding the real world influence of the drivers of investment: Land | Labor | Capital | Markets | Quality of Life | Regulation.

BF Design

BusinessFlare provides Economic Design services. What is Economic Design? Our "Fitment and Feasibility" approach to opportunities balances what can be built under the current or proposed regulatory environment with market and economic feasibility and strong identity and brand positioning.

BusinessFlare Aerial

BusinessFlare Aerial

With BusinessFlare Aerial, we approach aerial photography with a specialized understanding of real estate, development, placemaking, the public realm, and most importantly, a place's potential.

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The BusinessFlare® Publishing Group was launched to provide information about the BusinessFlare® Approach to Economic Development though eBooks, audiobooks, and hard copy printings.

At BusinessFlare we are strong supporters of entrepreneurship. We ourselves are entrepreneurs through some of our ventures such as Goodnight's Red River Spice Company, and we make crowdfunding investments into veteran owned craft breweries.