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BusinessFlare® is a State of Florida Certified Veteran and Native American Owned Business. We apply the BusinessFlare® Approach, a trademarked, proven approach to strategic economic design, economic growth and quality of life enhancement through realistic planning and implementation. The approach is based on the evaluation of, and the adoption of strategies to improve the six (6) areas of economic development influence:

  1. #RealityCheck: The economic assessment.
  2. #EasyButton: The common business climate themes.
  3. #Connections: What connects people to place.
  4. #Opportunities: Build consensus and target resources.
  5. #Values: Implementation management.
  6. #Balance: Feasibility, efficiency and identity.
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BusinessFlare® integrates market reality into a local government’s strategic plan, annual budget process and day-to-day operations to successfully implement projects. We use a practical methodology to identify an effective strategy that efficiently utilizes limited resources. Following the plan will result in real estate investment, new businesses, talent attraction, fewer vacant storefronts, more compatible commercial development, viable public private partnerships, improved quality of life, and new jobs.

Economic development is inevitable, but where it occurs is not. So, we focus on the key drivers of investment, combining a realistic evaluation of the real world influence a local government has over each driver with recognition of the influences that are beyond the local government’s control. This is essential to identify strategies that truly encourage economic growth and strengthen credibility, customer service and cash flow potential.

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“Our approach is new and fresh and has proven successful in communities and cities that want more than just the status quo. It incorporates knowledge and experience with the energy of the millennial and adaptability to a fast-changing world. We don’t just believe in our approach, we live it, we dance it. It connects communities through truth, respect and knowledge. The old way may have been good enough, but good enough is just not good enough anymore. Communities have too much at stake as investment dollars, talent and momentum quickly seek out areas with promise and potential.

Envisioning your community’s potential should be a refreshing and unique experience, not the mediocre reuse of the same old techniques and repetitive, uninspired SWOT exercises. While the old ways are safe, they are also unremarkable. The problem with the status quo is it doesn’t often connect to the truths that are needed to truly find the will to succeed, and at the end of the day having the will to succeed is more important than anything else. We want to help you find that will through truth, respect, knowledge and innovation.”

Kevin S Crowder, Founder

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