The BusinessFlare® Publishing Group was launched to provide information about the BusinessFlare® Approach to Economic Development though eBooks, audiobooks, and hard copy printings.

Our first publication, "Governing for Economic Development" was released as an eBook and paperback on Amazon on June 1, 2020. The Spanish language version, "Gobernando para el Desarrollo Económico" was published as an eBook on June 6.

We have continued publishing with the December 2021 publication of the Goodnight's Red River Spice Company Cookbook. The Goodnight Red River Spice Company is an entrepreneurial venture of BusinessFlare founder Kevin Crowder and his wife Lina Duque.

Governing for Economic Development

All too often local governments focus on economic development tactics without a strategy, seemingly throwing things against the wall waiting for something to stick. The BusinessFlare® Approach provides a base of understanding that helps local governments implement strategies and tactics that can improve their local economy and grow their tax base within the limitations of their resources. BusinessFlare is an approach that is based in the evaluation and adoption of strategies and tactics to improve six areas of economic development influence: investment drivers, common business climate themes, community connections, economic development values, opportunities and implementation. The former economic development director for Miami Beach, Kevin S. Crowder’s BusinessFlare Approach is based on one of the most significant local economic development successes of the last thirty years and is presented in a way that is relevant to every community.

Sales from this eBook support the BusinessFlare® Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting micro-entrepreneurship and providing economic development education for local elected officials.

Gobernando para el Desarrollo Económico

Con demasiada frecuencia, los gobiernos locales se centran en las tácticas de desarrollo económico sin una estrategia, aparentemente arrojando cosas contra la pared esperando que algo se pegue. El Enfoque BusinessFlare® proporciona una base de comprensión que ayuda a los gobiernos locales a implementar estrategias y tácticas que pueden mejorar su economía local y aumentar su base impositiva dentro de las limitaciones de sus recursos. BusinessFlare es un enfoque que se basa en la evaluación y adopción de estrategias y tácticas para mejorar seis áreas de influencia del desarrollo económico: motores de inversión, temas comunes del clima empresarial, conexiones comunitarias, valores de desarrollo económico, oportunidades e implementación. El Enfoque de BusinessFlare de Kevin S. Crowder, ex director de desarrollo económico de Miami Beach, se basa en uno de los éxitos de desarrollo económico local más importantes de los últimos treinta años y se presenta de una manera que es relevante para cada comunidad.

Este libro no pretende ser un curso avanzado para profesionales del desarrollo económico. Está diseñado principalmente para el laico que se postula para un puesto en el consejo de la ciudad porque se preocupa por su comunidad y quiere ver que su economía y calidad de vida mejoren.

Goodnight's Red River Spice Company Cookbook

Learn authentic recipes based on Goodnight's Red River Spice Blends. Fish, meat, bison, chicken, tacos and burritos, meatballs, curries, wings, chili, and more. Don't Be Intimated, start cooking and eating now. These are great for everything from comfort food to competition.

You can buy or download the cookbook here, and you can learn more about the company and buy some spices here.

Ocean Drive Policy Standard Cover

Our Drive Ocean Drive

In late summer 2020 we revisited the original Ocean Drive Policy Standards which were instrumental in the successful revitalization of that street and all of South Beach. We believe that the erosion of those standards and less attention to them over time has significantly contributed to the recent decline of Ocean Drive and the Miami Beach Entertainment District. In this publication, we republish those standards and give our two cents on them and their role today. Read it here.