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The BusinessFlare Approach to analytics is focused on understanding the real world influence of the drivers of investment: Land | Labor | Capital | Markets | Quality of Life | Regulation.

At BusinessFlare® we have embraced and made significant investments in new technologies and systems that are cutting edge and continually evolving and improving. In today’s economy we need actionable data and communities cannot afford to wait months and sometimes years for new information like in the past. In some cases, especially during times of economic change (like during the pandemic), traditional lagging data such as Census Bureau information, and workforce and consumer spending data were stale and no longer relevant by the time they became available. We often work with our data and technology partners providing feedback to their development teams and beta testing their new services.

Our data partners have developed new technologies that in some cases provide us up-to-date trends that are only 7-10 days old. These systems are especially relevant for projects such as economic development strategic plans because they not only allow us to identify the current trends, but they also allow us to explore what is happening with competitors and identify unique, sometimes hidden opportunities.

BusinessFlare has partnered with Placer Labs to provide near real-time consumer location analytics for cities, downtowns, redevelopment areas, and other commercial districts and destinations. Through this information, we can provide our clients with insights into audiences and competition allowing the discovery of new business and economic development opportunities.

Get accurate foot traffic counts and dwell time – filter by time, day of the week, and customer segments. Understand how promotions, holidays, seasonality, and events impact business. Discover True Trade Areas – where customers live and work.

Now imagine combining that information with our retail spending estimates derived from credit card trends and other sources, matching that to real-time commercial and residential real estate trends, and then rounding out your understanding of your community's true economic profile with an understanding of your labor market. Our unique approach to understanding how land, labor, capital, markets and regulation influence your local economy, and then identifying how your community can realistically influence and capitalize on those drivers will position your community for economic growth.

We utilize the right combination of systems for the individual project. If we don't have the data, we will go out and get it for your project. Our systems include:




ArcGIS CityEngine



Survey Monkey