I don’t drink alcohol anymore, but I used to enjoy a refreshing beer on a hot day, or after spending all day in the garage working on the cars and motorcycles. Historically, non-alcoholic beer was either a little better or a little worse than water, but barely. Recently, non-alcoholic beer by the major brands has gotten much better with Heineken, Becks and Budweiser jumping in with better quality selections, and many bars now carry one or more of these that you can enjoy when out with friends and colleagues.

But, as a craft beer aficionado that doesn’t drink anymore, it has been a challenge. I mean first, compared to a regular bar it feels a little comical to walk into craft brewery and not have a craft beer. I also start to question my firm’s credibility in one of our economic development niches, where we focus on the recruitment of craft breweries as downtown revitalization tools.

Notch Brewing’s New England IPA. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Slowly but surely, more and more craft brewers (such as Notch Brewing) have started venturing into the non-alcoholic space. I totally welcome this evolution and hope to see more and more craft brewers follow the lead of their peers. I look forward to tasting their non-alcoholic creativity the way I enjoyed their alcoholic versions in the past, which made me fall in love with the whole craft beer experience.

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