Interesting article from showing why Coffee Shops have been much more resilient to COVID compared to other dining establishments. Also discusses how Coffee Shops are increasingly becoming community hubs as more employees work remotely. 

The role of coffee shops as community hubs may also be driving visits. As more people looked for ways to meet with friends and family outdoors, buying a coffee to-go and sitting on an outdoor bench transformed from a lame date idea to a popular rendezvous concept. This “third place” concept is significant not just for the short-term boost it provided, but for the long-term strength it could create in a professional context defined by hybrid work models. 

From, what Lies Behind Coffee’s Unique Strength During the Pandemic? dove into the foot traffic numbers, breaking the data down by brand and region, to learn how the sector is managing to thrive during these challenging times.

  • Understand how the sector is performing regionally – across different states, cities, and urban environments
  • Discover how one brand’s expansion is affecting the balance of power of major coffee players
  • Find out how COVID-induced shifts in visiting patterns are impacting consumer expectations
  • Learn what the visitor demographics of leading coffee chains can tell us about untapped business opportunities

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